My Quilting First Fruits

Here are the quilts I made as I explored and learned to quilt. Most of them are mini quilts, table toppers or baby quilts, maybe an occasional bag.  Quilting is known best known as an American tradition passed down from generation to generation, my family immigrated here from Cuba, so I like to consider myself the first American in my family to love and take up quilting! I have always been drawn to quilts for their heirloom quality, color, texture and I taught myself how to quilt. It really has been a “walk by faith” kind of journey because I started buying fabric, supplies and magazines, even “attempted” making several before I actually started to learn in detail, all the steps involved in quilting.  And I have to say I really do love to quilt.

I will start with my favorite. It’s called The Valentine Quilt or The Love Note.

Apple Totes

Jumbo Block Baby Quilt

A Father’s Day Tie

Mini Runner of Pretty Presents (tutorial)

My first Quilt: OLIVIA

Owl for Pilar from a magazine


Little Lamby Quilt

For my mom from a magazine

For my Dad

For Audrey ( my sewing machine) from a pattern

Christmas Wall Hanging (tutorial)

Table Runner

Cup Cozies

Earliest creations (no binding)

Liam’s quilt from Simply Retro

Scrappy Star

Fourth of July? from Simply Retro

Baby “Aly’s” quilt (same link as above, scroll down)

Quilt wrapped canvas

Mini Dr. Seuss quilt

Niner outside

Christmas Table Topper

Firework back Summery Table Runner

Autumn diamond runner

Autumn Diamond Table Runner

Minion Mug Rug

Mug Rugs (free pattern!)

kitty tote with dolls

Kitty Tote Bag

Quilty-Ears buds

Quilty Ears Mug Rug

Pick Chocolate 3

“Dapper” Pattern from Simply Retro

teeny mini quilt

Quilted Ornament

Joy quilt

Oh Joy! A 1930’s mini quilt


“Dresser” Patchwork Runner


Miniature Quilt Ornament (tutorial)