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30/30 Challenge Last Project

March 30th 2014

Sarah over at Berry Barn Designs had this great idea for us to sew for 30 days and for 30 minutes just for ourselves. 


I completely forgot that I was going to be out  the last week in March.


I am barely making it under the wire to post over here where you can see the projects from other great sewists and quilters.

One mistake I made during this 30/30 challenge is not using a clock! I guess I kind of cheated myself by not enjoying the daily treat. Sometimes I sewed like crazy and just lost track of time just because I wanted to finish my projects.

Here is my progress on the last one: a Spools quilt. I just love this Marmalade fabric ~it’s the orange) by Bonnie and Camille   (Her fabric is there on the sidebar of her blog)


Since I got home I have managed to cut all the pieces


and arranged them all for sewing so this should be fun. Thanks Sarah for hosting this great challenge!

30/30 Challenge

March 3rd 2014

I spent this weekend almost wishing for Monday so I can get some quilting done, for ME! I know it sounds crazy, nobody likes Mondays.  I have been spending so much time making patterns and quilts from my patterns and reading about business matters all of which carries with it a little stress and tension, which is necessary.  But I am anxious to get started on that growing list of projects I’ve been adding to for years. You know, the list of projects from magazines, blogs and patterns that are easy and fast to do?  Yeah, I just have to sit down and get it done. Cool stuff I want to make just for fun and not as an obligation.

So while I was visiting my favorite blogs, Julie over at The Crafty Quilter mentioned this totally doable event that will also help me cross off some things on that list and hopefully create a new habit.  It’s a 30/30 sewing challenge that requires you dedicate 30 minutes a day for 30 days, to sew for yourself! Just the motivation I need!

30-30 challenge

Here is a list of some of the projects I want to do this month:

1. Make one of these for my embroidery supplies on the run. It’s called Abby’s Treasure Box from This and That patterns, pattern #067.

treasure box


2. Next I want to finally use my Marmalade fabric and make a Spools quilt!


3. And this little Cherry wall hanging with some Mary Engelbreit charm packs I have.


The 30/30 guideline is to have 4 goals. But I think 3 in pretty ambitious for me. I can always add something if I have time leftover, right?  I am excited to have something to look forward to that I get to do just for enjoyment. Plus,  I need to use up some of my fabric to make room for more!