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Friday Night Block Party: Basket

October 21st 2013

OMG!!!! The Party didn’t Post!!!  Did the neighbors complain? Were we making too much noise?  I don’t know what happened party goers, my apologies. Susie did such a great post, you know she’s joined the quilt along, have you?

pinwheel block party

This weeks block is #3 from the FWQA, the basket.


This was tricky again because of the measurements, with pieces or with math!


 This was my first one and I really liked the colors. Once it was done though it was 7 inches, way off from the size these blocks should be. This picture was taken after I tried to pin and tuck and make it the right size, but to no avail! I just started over.


Not as much contrast on this combination but the size was right and there was a little applique to do on the handle. Check!

 I did find these other examples online:

© 2013 by Heike Scharmann

 © 2013 by Heike Scharmann

Okay. Everything Krystine makes over at Pretty by Hand, is well, SO pretty. You’ll have to pop over and see all her FWQA blocks. They are inspirational and all so neatly done. Sigh!

Need a little more inspiration to get going on these FWQA blocks? How about this…

FWQA quilt

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