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Friday Night Block Party: A Century of Progress

February 21st 2014

Happy Friday!! Welcome to the

pinwheel block party

This week we are back on track with the Farmer’s Wife Sampler Quilt blocks. ( I’ve linked to this so much amazon keeps suggesting I buy it!) LOL

This week’s block is


I have to admit that I was not comfortable with this block with the odd triangle templates. And I thought it was weird and asymmetrical, which usually doesn’t bother me, I like  a little “pop” but see how the bottom has all the same color? Like it doesn’t follow proper quilt pattern protocol.   I assembled and picked mine out a few times due to this small detail. Come time to publish however, I still go it wrong! No progress in my “century” hopefully I can fix it for next week.


I did notice however that some people did it the “logical” and systematic way instead of the bottom all the same. Did the book author also goof?

See here the sample from Freshly Pieced, I love her color selection.

Here is one where they did follow the sample color placement, another lovely color combination from Married to a BMW. Who also thought it was an odd block.

Here is the gem from Pretty by Hand who likes to go against the grain. I LOVE that about her!

You go girl!

I hope yours came out just as nice.