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How to Grow a Business

April 12th 2015

Starting and growing a business is no easy task. Certainly not for me who does not think “in numbers.” I also suffer from B.S.O.S. Bright Shiny Object Syndrome so my mind is always distracted by the next thing that catches my eye like fabric, blogs, social media, projects, scraps or chocolate pretzels.  After several months of working with Morna McEver from International Association of Creative Arts Professionals I am happy to say I have come a long way.

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 For me, getting a coach to hold my hand along the way, has made such a difference. Not only in holding me accountable but also guiding me in the way I should go when my knowledge in an area has been exhausted. To further educate myself I attended the CABS business Summit hosted by Morna in Washington D.C. It was amazing!

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Things I learned at CABS 2015:

  1. I am not Wal-mart
  2. Ideas are only good if an action is attached.
  3. Time blocking yields focus.
  4. There is plenty for everyone.
  5. Work on your brilliance, outsource the rest.
  6. Wear what makes you feel confident.
  7. The Quilting business is a luxury, find your client.
  8. Imperfect action is better than idleness (unless our pattern has errors!)
  9. Morna is a hugger! 🙂
  10. A smile goes such a long way.
  11. Be authentic.
  12. Everyone doesn’t have to like your stuff, just enough people for you to make a living.
  13. If it’s NOT urgent, and NOT important let your kids do it!
  14. Encouragement is powerful.
  15. If you are in a group of energetic, talented, kind and helpful women, you are bound to succeed!
  16. “Free” is not a business model.
  17. Have BIG dreams.
  18. Our Faith is bigger than our fears.
  19. Don’t let perfection stand in the way of progress.
  20. We all have our own BRILLIANCE.
  21. Everything you need is in this group/room.


These are the kind, talented, amazing women I met and some friends I made while I was there. Thanks so much ladies, it was such a pleasure to be a part of it, looking forward to next year!