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Scrappy Christmas Trees

October 10th 2015

Some scraps are just to pretty to toss, some might argue, “what can you do with such a small scrap?” Well today, I am going to show you how to make a scrappy Christmas tree.

Scrappy Christmas tree sachet

You can make it into a sachet, a pillow to hang on a door knob or an ornament. So gather your scraps, here we go!

As I sew, I like to tuck my tiniest scraps, greater than an inch, into labeled baggies so I know what line it is. The larger scraps are cut into certain sizes, but that’s for another day.

scrappy christmas tree 1 (2)

Here I have my designer scraps and some left over neutral strips.
Arrange your scraps smallest to largest like a wedding cake. 🙂

scrappy Christmas tree 4

Center the smaller piece with the larger piece, eyeball it.

scrappy Christmas tree 5

Sew the pieces together using 1/4 inch seam.

scrappy Christmas tree 5a

Cut your “cakes” into triangles, no special rulers needed! Center your cake on the cutting mat so there is a line down the center of the block.

scrappy Christmas tree 6 (2)

Cut from the center line diagonally to the corner of the last piece.

scrappy Christmas tree 7 (2)

Align your trees along a neutral strip, leaving at least 1 inch above and below ends of the triangle.

scrappy Christmas tree 8 (2)

Press, repeat on the other side. Scrappy Christmas tree 9a (2)

To trim your blocks, cut down the widest point where top and bottom strips align. A minimum of 1/4 inch is ideal but not necessary.

scrappy Christmas tree 11 (2)

See below how this “fat” tree has no extra 1/4 inch. (It will be okay!)

scrappy Christmas tree 10

Once sides are trimmed, trim the bottom of the tree.

scrappy Christmas tree 11a

Aren’t they festive?

scrappy Christmas tree 11b

Make trunk units. Trunk unit is a 1 1/2 inch square. Add neutral scrap to either side guess-timating the size of your block.

scrappy Christmas tree 12 (2)

I did it slightly bigger and trimmed.

scrappy Christmas tree 12a

After trimming, add stabilizer, either Shape Flex, interfacing or whatever else may be at hand. Sometimes it’s just a neutral piece of fabric (I like an extra layer between when I am using the Balsam Fir)

scrappy Christmas tree 13 (2)

Follow instructions suggested by package instructions for whatever stabilizer you are using. Trim as desired. When trimming I leave about 1/2 inch from the top of the tree so when it’s stuffed, the shape is not lost.

scrappy Christmas tree 14a

Cut a pretty backing piece and a neutral piece (or more stabilizer) about 1/4 inch larger than the front. In case you are worried about the tree on the right being imperfect, don’t. 🙂

scrappy Christmas tree 14

If you want to add any embellishments, do it before stitching the layers together. I added beads in the same color as the fabric for a little subtle bling-y effect.

scrappy Christmas tree 13a (2)

scrappy Christmas tree 13b

To assemble your tree, pin a ribbon in the center of the tree for hanging later.

scrappy Christmas tree 15

With right sides together, pin everything in place, aligning the bottom.

scrappy Christmas tree 16

Leaving a 2 inch opening, start sewing (back stitch to secure) with 1/4 inch seam (from front fabric not backing) all the way to the other side, DON”T STOP AT CORNER AND TURN YOUR SQUARE. I used the method for making corners suggested by Sew Mama Sew in this video. Sew all the way to the the end of fabric.

scrappy Christmas tree 18

Remove from machine and trim off the excess. Fold the sewn seam at stitching and start your next stitch there, back stitching a little to secure.

scrappy Christmas tree 17 (2)

scrappy Christmas tree 18 (2)

When all sides are done and you back stitched at the opening, turn and press. Push out corners with something with a point. I used a wooden skewer.

scrappy Christmas tree 20

You can fill with Balsam Fir, available here (or other scenty substance) or poly-fil.

scrappy Christmas tree 21

When using the Balsam Fir, I finish off the last bit of filling with some poly-fil for a clean finish.

scrappy Christmas tree 22

Hand stitch the bottom closed.

scrappy christmas tree

If you rather not stuff, use batting instead of stabilizer between front and  back. Quilt the top decoratively if you are turning it out or quilt as a sandwich if you will or finish it off with binding like a quilt.

Handmade Christmas: Vintage Holiday

April 12th 2014

I am so excited that I finally finished this quilt, a little early, a little late, whatever! I made a pledge okay?

I pledge to make handmade_edited-1

It’s my Vintage Holiday quilt, pattern by Thimble Blossoms. Fabric Vintage Modern by Bonnie and Camille.


This is also my feature project for the Handmade Christmas challenge hosted by SewCalGal.


If you’ll recall, I had started piecing this last December in a frenzy and all I have to do is set a date to have everything else I can’t control, wreck my timetable.

vintage holiday tops and block pieces

Nevertheless, I was able to put it together before 2014 but not before last Christmas. Being that I always over-think how I lay out quilt blocks, my daughter (11) was helping me out with that, rearranging repeating patterns and colors. Because I was working with a jelly roll and charms pack, I had to “re-design” some of the blocks like those below.


I added a little Rick Rack detail on this one.


And made a box design here.


The backing is flowers, perfect for Spring if I wanted to flip it over!


I did all the quilting after the New Year (except for one block) and bound it just this week.  I feel so accomplised because not only is this the largest quilt I have made to date, but it was completely hassle free!


Yep! This one is a keeper!

Friday Night Block Party: Snowball

December 6th 2013

 I’m soooo excited for this week’s

pinwheel block party

because I am featuring my December Fun Quilt Vintage Holiday by Camille Roskelley from Thimble Blossoms.

The whole quilt is based on the Snowball block #81 in the Farmer’s Wife Quilt Sampler.

snowball block#81

Each one is jazzed up in a different way.

I have to tell you that this quilt has been the MOST ANTICIPATED quilt ever for me.  I was secretly saving it to really pay it some well deserved attention.  It was one of the very first patterns I bought and really, truly Vintage Modern is one of my absolute favorite fabric lines.

vintage holiday jelly roll

So today I really just dedicated the whole day to cutting, and piecing and even made a few of my own blocks because I am strictly working with a jelly roll and charms pack.  The reason being that since it was one of my earliest fabric collection purchases, I didn’t splurge.  It was only after the fact, that I later bought some yardage for the sashing and backing.  And I have some other fabric as back-up in case I want to mix and match.

vintage holiday fabric options

 I can’t tell you what a fantastic and productive and overall just excellent day it has been sewingly, that is. Really everything has gone off without a hitch! Even the bobbin hasn’t run out!  (Of course, you might have seen all my excitement on Facebook)

First, I cut all the neutral fabric, the white is “SNOW” by KONA. I bought a whole jelly roll of it so I just pulled several strips out as the pattern indicated and had a couple to spare (smart cutting).  The hardest part for me was picking out the fabrics for each block, I always over think it, but gradually it all worked out. I made sure to use my absolute favorites (there are several!)  So I made the tops (on the left) and have the blocks ready to sew!

vintage holiday tops and block pieces

Even though I had planned on doing 2 blocks a day. It just won’t wouldn’t work because first you have to cut it all!  Then I pieced as much as I could until I got this pressing pile.

vintage holiday ready to press

Then I pressed and continued piecing the blocks and this is where I stopped.

vintage holiday blocks

Tomorrow I will turn them into “SNOWBALLS” by adding a white square to each corner kind of like Flying Geese fashion.  The white will make everything pop.  I promise to be back with those real soon. I’ll also let you know which block designs I had to change or adapt to accommodate my charms and jelly roll fabric sizes.  The best part was that I still had so much of this yummy fabric left to make another one!

vintage holiday leftovers

I think my new tradition will be to make one every year!