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30 days of lists

December 18th 2013

This 30 days of lists sounds mundane and may even make you think “what?!”    But really this listing thing has been so fun and you meet so many great people on the Facebook group  but it’s only for us listers! It’s a hoot!  Here are some of my prettier renditions of some of the lists. This one was about list of movies you want to see, I did mine with Christmas movies.

list movies

I thought the December version would be geared toward this Holiday month like your favorite songs or what’s NOT on your Christmas list, but no! This one is really a “snapshot” of what your house looks like at this time of year. I only put 5 for my book insert, but all my lists have about 10 items.

list around the house

Many of the people participating are both reflective and fun and it’s a great activity to be as creative or as plain as you like.  For this take, many people listed material items, food, holiday related things, memories… I listed the Fruits of the Spirit for the new year.

list stocking up

And some of these lists really make you stop and think… Like this one “How were you a friend this year?” I had to reflect all the way to my working days at the beginning of the year. I hope that I was able to encourage someone somehow.

list friend

This one was a favorite for many of the listers. Just talking about what gets us excited was exciting!

list excited when

Still have some more to work on… are you listing yet?

December Fun

December 3rd 2013

Whoosh! It feels like ages since I have visited my friends in the blogging world, I miss you guys.  I promise that I have been really occupied, see, it looks like there was an explosion in my craft area!! And it looks good here…

craft room explosion!

As I have been reflecting about my blog which I call Summercrafter  it has occurred to me that I have mostly been quilting! (And loving it) But since my motto is Craft. Quilt. Unwind, I really felt like I needed to stretch myself a bit and get more balanced creatively. I like to do and learn so many crafty things and  that’s why I started this in the first place, so I could post about all of it here. So the last couple of weeks, I have gone to explore some of my crafty counterparts and get busy with some paper crafts and other creative outlets that are also fun. I hope to make new friends and really make my blog a place for anyone to unwind creatively. I hope that’s ok with you all! : )

So this is what I’ve been up to!  Setting up my December Daily album to document this month one day at a time and a 30 days of lists challenge which are really like journaling prompts.

plain books

I put all the Christmas Craft items I have collected over many years in this box for easy access. I wonder how much I’ll actually put in the books but I really enjoyed decorating them.

dec daily box

Here is the December Daily Album.

Dec daily cover

The theme I chose is Vintage Holiday since I’ll be making the quilt by that name (more on that soon)

so I thought it perfect to cover and embellish it with fabric from the Vintage Modern line by Bonnie and Camille.

cover page dec daily This is the first page and a miniature quilted ornament I made.

Here are a couple of pages…

dec. page turkey Okay, so I started with the last days of November, big deal! ; )

dec daily pages I’m including the top 5 from the 30 days of lists in this album apart from the journal.

list decdaily And the 30 days of lists journal. Really I could think up 30 lists but the community of everyone sharing is really great!

30 days of lists journal

I always have to have an intro page!

intro 30 lists I just decorated all the pages with some candy stickers to continue the “Gingerbread & Candy” theme. Keeping it simple.

The first list was “Before the end of the year I…” And I am happy to say I have already checked off some of those things! Like finish the present quilt and put a pattern up for sale!

list 1

The second list was “Around the house…” which I rather not say what is lying around, that’s why I escape to craft. The new thing would be all the decoration boxes, train sets and craft room explosion!  The third list is “This is the only time of year I…” which is mostly reserved for seasonal stuff like Christmas music, movies, shopping and my beautiful ornament collection that I enjoy seeing every year!

lists Some people are going all out  making collages or doodling and some are just keeping it simple. It can really bring out the creativity once you get going!

December Fun!

November 19th 2013

As some of you may or may not know, I’ve got Christmas on the brain.


You see last year, I started off just fine with that Christmas anticipation but  with all the heat (in Miami) the commercialism, the rush and nickel & diming, come Christmas, “that Christmas feeling” had dissipated. The first time ever for me : ( So much so that this Summer, I didn’t even go to the Robert’s Christmas Wonderland in Tampa, as I usually do.  But as of late, I have been on Facebook enjoying all the “I believe in the Magic of Christmas” posts and enjoying all those magical photographs of Christmas around the world.  Even the Counting Down to Christmas (slow down people!) has had my daughter talking about it since October!

This year, thanks to Julie The Crafty Quilter, we have been preparing for Christmas every month with her “Christmas Once a month” posts. (I am behind on my November post) But, I have also joined all these other events to keep me focused, excited and slowing down enough to take in everyday in December.

christmas once a month

First is the Holiday Extravaganza going on at RUKristin’s blog the day after Thanksgiving, a new Black Friday Tradition! You can get a sneak peek here, I’ll be featuring a great recycling tutorial for those Holiday Photo Cards. I hope you’ll stop by!

badge holiday ext

Up next is the December Daily which is Ali Edwards’ great idea.  It’s just enough scrapbooking to keep you sane and remember all the details of the holidays instead of recalling them in a blur! Just 25 days! That is all the memory keeping you have to do. Now that I can manage! I can’t wait to get my stuff in the mail.  She has a great kit to you can buy to make your own December Daily journal, you can check that out here.  But all you really need is a photo album or generic scrapbook with some pretty paper, stickers and maybe some ribbon. As much or as little as you want to make it!


I am also a list maker. It’s the only way to get things out of my head and so guess what? There is a 30 days of lists event going on, read all about it over here. It’s a special December edition that, of course, is going to go right into my December Daily Journal, one a day. These lists can be written anywhere and it takes what? Like 5 minutes of my life? I can’t wait to start!


And lastly, just because this is my first Thimble Blossoms pattern, by Camille Roskelley, I am having a Vintage Holiday Quilt Along!!  Heidi had one of these last year and they turned out great!  I am going to start quilting on December first, 2 blocks a day, and hope to have it done by Christmas Eve or sooner. And I’ll post my progress periodically. No pressure!  I really fell in love with this Vintage Modern Fabric Collection of hers. It’s the most I have ever splurged on fabric (at that time.) I know there is so much going on in December, but I really would love to put this over my sofa to greet Christmas guests as they come into my house. Say you’ll quilt along!

vintage holiday