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April 28th 2014

“Hello? Is this thing on? Can anybody here me? ‘tap, tap, tap’ testing 1,2,3, okay I think it’s working now.”

I know you must be thinking what in the world happened to her? I know I have been wondering the same thing.  For example, the Friday Night Block Parties have been suspended for a few weeks and hopefully will return on an “as finished” basis.  That’s what I can manage and thanks for stopping by!

pinwheel block party

I have just been feeling a little scatterbrained doing a little bit of everything and a little bit of nothing, yes, at the same time.  I never thought of myself much of a “WIP”  (Work in Progress) or “UFO”  (Un-Finished Object) type of quilter. I kind of like the way quilting comes to a clean finished end with all the pieces neat and tidy in one place.  But as of late, due to this scatterbrained condition, I seem to float aimlessly back and forth between projects never quite getting to finish any.


Here is my WIP checkerboard blocks waiting to become a border for a quilt that’s almost done. I even have backing fabric. Does it remind you of anyone?


Then I got inspired by scraps to make a little something to take on the Summer vacation.


If you recall, I started this for the 30/30 Challenge and now I am not sure what size to make it because my Craft Corner has little wall space for me to hang it so I keep adding and unpicking the rest of the spools.


And another boxy pouch is waiting in the wings.


Then I thought I would tamper with my embroidery again.


Feeling frustrated by the satin stitch, (Really on the first letter such a difficult stitch?) I gave myself permission to go on to the next letter to gain some confidence.


Then of course, I got totally engrossed and distracted by sorting all the floss I had. It was so therapeutic it was hard to stop!

So there you have it. While I haven’t finished much, I have been doing something!

The Love Note

March 16th 2013
There are several options when publishing a blog post. I can either give you the whole scoop at once, or give you bits and pieces and update as I go. Unfortunately, (or fortunately) I have had to do the latter.  And although I can’t get my hands on it soon enough, my mind is working on this project at almost every spare thought!

For my love note square,
 I pulled out this embrodery book I bought in December of 2011.  I think it’s important to learn things formally and correctly in order for the result to be its absolute best.
I am ashamed to admit that before, I really hadn’t looked through it thoroughly.
Not only does it have a “how to” section with various types of stitching, (which I am eager to learn)
but it also has themed pages with samples and templates.
It also has projects that you can do
and a CD that lets you resize, combine and print the templates and patterns to trace or transfer onto the stitching area.
In case you were wondering, I got the itch to stitch after seeing such loveliness on this blog especially here and here and you have to look here!
 (sorry the lighting in these photos is poor)
Ready to stitch! I am still debating the design. Do I want fancy stitches for each letter or do I want the message to be the focus? I could also add some beading to the embroidery. So many possiblities…. I may just keep it simple since it’s my first attempt.
 Here goes!