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It’s all in the packaging

October 7th 2014

I love a beautifully wrapped package. You know what I am talking about, the one that is too pretty to open, the one you want to put somewhere so you can look at for a few days. The one that looks like it came from the Better Homes and Gardens issue you wish your house looked like.

Today I just wanted to share with you some of the “packaging” that arrives when I order fabric from some of my favorite shops on Etsy.  I really appreciate it when they take the time to make it so pretty, it makes it an enjoyable experience for me. And if they took such good care in the wrapping, I can be sure that the fabric was cut precisely, accurately and folded just perfectly, and it is! This is probably my favorite of all. This package is from ChristmasJul  she also has a shop called Runnstitch  (Run ‘n stitch) This is a Christmas present ready to go and the gift is the wrapping. The genius behind this is Kathi Riemer.




This special package comes wrapped in a re-purposed pattern from Jennifer on Fabrics on Mill St. Did you see that ribbon, bow, invoice and attached card? I didn’t open it for a while, I didn’t want to break the package.


One thing I have been careful to do is collect the business cards from Etsy shops I have purchased fabric from so I keep coming back and give them my business.  I try to look in these shops first for whatever I want or need. (You can see the card with ribbon still attached) and a heart on some of my favorite shops.


The Fabric Shoppe has simple packaging which is just fine! I am a total repeat customer there, the yardage is cut just perfect and it looks pressed too. : ) The customer service in her shop is “superb.” Once I had bundle stay behind when the other fabrics were shipped, I contacted Jodi, and the hiccup was resolved immediately. Thank you! She is awesome, very busy and has an eye for fabric. Have you seen her fabric bundle pics on FB?  Who wouldn’t want them all?!?!  Oh and shipping is at light speed! Did you know she has a Color Stash Club too? You get a bundle of a different color every month and you can select the size bundle you prefer: FQs, half-yards or full yards. How fun is that?! Sign up here.

fabric shoppe


This lovely little number is from the StitchinStash.  All my FQ bundles arrived neatly like this, all done by Julie.  I want you to know I asked her a hundred questions about color matching and collections and she answered them all. She was so patient with me, thank you!



And they come in these adorable pink bags to boot with a bit of washi tape, love it!


Unfortunately, I did start this packaging documentary a little late and some of my other “go to” shops I don’t have pictures for. But the other awesome shop I love, great selections, good customer service and personal attention is over at Maggie Anne’s fabric, look up Maggieanne on Etsy. She will even create bundles for you as she has for me. Thank you!


This is my most recent from The Busy Bee Quilting, a new shop I just discovered.



So if you are searching for great fabric selections, bundles, customer service and pretty packaging, check out some of these wonderful Etsy shops. And the prices are competitive, try them out and you’ll soon see why I am addicted to love shopping there.