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Friday Night Block Party: Cups and Saucers & Evening Star

May 2nd 2014

Howdy strangers! Or by “stranger” I could mean myself since I have been absent from this party. But hey, it’s my party and I can cry if I want to.

pinwheel block party

Don’t think that I haven’t either, this weekly block and posting was becoming a little stressful for me. (I have some other things going on that I hope to share with you soon!) So if you don’t mind, let’s just craft, quilt and unwind at will and when my blocks are ready whether it’s one or more, I”ll just share.  Thanks so much for understanding!

FWQA book

As I quilt through this book of 111 blocks I have learned several things.

1) How to better match corners.

2) I don’t care much for tiny triangles, I rather make them from squares.

3) Practice does improve one’s skills.

4) Choosing the right fabrics is still hit or miss on some blocks.

5) I wish I could do the math when the blocks are on point (diagonal).

6) My only complaint is that this book is not “green.” I mean you have to print every piece on a different piece of paper. I wish several templates came on a page then I could just print 10 pages and be done!

That being said, especially the last point, let me show you the blocks that I have skipped, yes I said “SKIPPED” not completed.  Refer back to #s 2, 5, and 6 and printing issues.

The good news is that my skills should be WAY better when I get back to these blocks and I should have new and different scraps which is also a motivator. (Did I mention I’m on a fabric fast? Two months without buying fabric or at least it feels that long.)

And here are the last 2 blocks that I DID complete. Block # 25 Cups and Saucers


I was excited about my fabric choices and then afterwards, not so much. I need to read up a little on color value and weight as it pertains to placement on quilt blocks. Yea, yea, yea, don’t look at those stray threads, I was only showing you it was done, not that I was pleased. : )

And my newest favorite (who doesn’t love all the Star variation blocks?) is  Block #31, Evening Star.


I made it with some morsels I had leftover from a little something I have yet to show you!

Patience.  I like to call it The Pirate block.