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Christmas Once a Month

October 15th 2013

 I am so glad that Julie is doing this great Christmas Once a Month blog-along!

Christmas Once a Month at The Crafty Quilter

I have been hearing Christmas music for several days now, since the weather has been so pleasant and thoroughly enjoying it!  The last few Christmases it’s been really hot and muggy (Miami, FL) so I’ll take this “in the 70’s” winterish weather and pretend it’s Christmas already!  I only wish there were more hours in the day and less obligations to do Christmas Crafts all day long!

Today I made the smallest quilt ever!!

teeny mini quilt

It’s 2″ x 6″ and doubles as an ornament or hang it on a knob.

Here’s how to do it:

Cut 3- 2 1/2 inch squares (front) sew together.

Cut 3- 3 1/2 inch squares (back) sew together.

Out of scraps cut 2 inch letters and use webbing to iron one letter on each square.

Make a (finger) sandwich and quilt as desired, no basting necessary!

Trim excess batting and backing.

Bind.  (Mine was original 2 1/2 inch binding, but it was too large, so you can trim yours.)

When attaching binding to sandwich, also include ribbon for hanging and it’ll fold over when you do the final stitching. See below.

tiny quilt

I think I’m going to make a collection of quilted ornaments this year!

Simply Retro Quilt Along

September 9th 2013
Sweet Life.
That’s the name of this super easy and fun pattern from Camille Roskelley’s book Simply Retro. It’s the next project on the Quilt Along hosted by Jana, hop on over to her blog and see what other people have made. We are almost done with the book!!
Grab button for Simply Retro Quilt Along
I opted out of making a full quilt since I already have done one baby quilt and I am working on another baby quilt and one full sized quilt, both from this book.
So I decided to make a pillow using these Kate Spain Fat Quarters I got this summer.
And I used some “word” fabric full of Christmas cheer, I already had for the back.
Wondering what that flap is for?  It’s a zipper cover.
I used to be a Zippophobe (to use the word from The Patchsmith, Amanda.) It means “someone who has fear or anxiety at the thought of inserting, installing, attaching or assembling a zipper into any type of sewing project.”
So yep! I finally faced my fear and did a zipper, I used Amy’s tutorial  from her blog Amy Made that! It was really a cinch! I think I am going to buy zippers in bulk now! : )
And as an added bonus for me, this project also serves as my Christmas Once a Month Project hosted by Julie the Crafty Quilter. YAY!!
Christmas Once a Month at The Crafty Quilter
So I have two great Christmas pillows ready for December.
It’s time to start cranking out more Christmas Crafts.

Simply Retro Projects Update

July 28th 2013
Here is another update of my projects for the Simply Retro Quilt Along, I have two finished!

Grab button for Simply Retro Quilt Along

This first project in her book is called “Swell.” I used a patriotic color scheme for a Fourth of July table runner, here’s a flashback on how I got started.

A table runner that measures 16″ x 52″.

I think the binding wraps up the theme nicely.
I wasn’t going to do the usual stipple, but I had to so I could try out this new darning foot I got on Ebay at this shop for my vintage Kenmore sewing machine. This was her first quilting job and it came off without a hitch!



It’s perfect for covering a little wear and tear on the patio table.



Here is the “Retro” quilt all finished, it’s the second project in the book. It just needs washing to make it soft for the baby, coming on August 7th or sooner.
Below is my daughter’s contribution for size comparison.

This is the front.

This is the back, so fun!

One side for playing, the other for napping.


I quilted it in a wave motif, of course.

 Don’t forget to visit Jana’s blog and look for the quilt along pics from other quilters. Please pop back in next week, right here, for a look at more projects from Simply Retro.



Christmas in July – "All I want for Christmas" Wall Hanging

July 14th 2013
It’s here! The “Christmas in July” Blog Hop has started and I am stop #3 on the hop, so make sure you see what Amy and The Patchsmith have made so far.


Christmas in July button 2a copy

I love a charm pack, it’s a tiny sampler of a great fabric collection! I’d like to show you how to make this whimsical door or wall hanging for Christmas,
it’s an easy pattern to repeat with any Charm Pack.
What you will need besides fabric, sewing machine & thread!
1 Charms Square pack
2 Fat Quarters that coordinate with your charms and applique graphic
Backing Fabric
Lite Seam to Seam for applique (2-3 sheets) or whatever other fusible product you like
Embellishments like buttons, Rick Rack or ribbon (depending on your project)
Neutral (white) 2 1/2″ strips for borders (4)
The  finished size is about 12″ x 36″ unless you add more sashing or borders.
The first thing you do is unwrap your charms pack and lay out all the squares. You will immediately notice that there is a pattern, a repetition of colors or designs throughout the collection. So now you get to play with the squares. (Before learning, there is always play time!)

Sort by pattern (above)
Or by color (below)


Sort the squares by similar pattern or color families until you have four squares that work well together, arrange them in a box that will be your block. Do this until you have 3 three different blocks. You may also want to separate a few squares for the text if you will be adding words to your banner.

Usually, as in the Halloween banner, a full charm pack, usually has four or more to a pattern as shown below.
The charm pack I chose for this project, Santa’s Workshop by Riley Blake, did not follow that rule : /
But I figured out how to make it work because  I really like this collection, it’s fun!
So I have played with my squares until my brain says “that’s it.” Usually that happens after several attempts at combining patterns and colors. You may decide to leave reds out because that will be a good color for the letters to pop or decide to leave the whites out because your applique will have white and blend in. Play until you are ready, you have time before Christmas!
Careful how you sew them together, if you’ll notice above I goofed on the direction of the stripes.
I had to pick that out and re-do after it was sewn.
Here I tried to make sure the toys or most of it was right side up (the boy and the elf.)
Once you know how you want it, go ahead and sew the squares together to make your blocks. I did left/right squares together first, then sewed the top and bottom together.
I saved the red charms to cut into 2 1/2 inch squares to use as mini blocks on the corners of the white borders.
I like to lay it all out to see how it’s going to look, make any last minute changes.
Instead of sub-cutting all the strips,
you could also sew each block (the tops and bottoms) onto a whole strip.
There was some discrepancy with mine, this would have saved me some grief! The BLOCKS should be 9 1/2 inches (updated) square before you add borders. But always measure as with some pre-cuts it’s not exactly what we would assume!
Don’t forget to trim and even out edges if necessary!
 Once the “in-between” strips are sewn on, cut your remaining strips to equal 6 strips measuring 9 1/2 by 2 1/2.  Please measure your blocks just to be sure! Measure twice, cut once!! You are going to sew your squares to each end of the white strips. Start with a square and sew to a strip, alternating the order until you use 4 squares and three strips (2 sets)
Attach to your blocks.
My middle block has images of toys, I have selected two of those images (bear and ball) to applique on each of the top and bottom blocks.

I decided just to accent the middle with Rick Rack so you can still see the images. You can also just add another image to the center if you prefer.

I forgot to add the Rick Rack before joining the blocks
so I just made room inside the seams, no problem!
You can use a printer to enlarge the image you want and trace it onto the fusible paper as directions state on the reverse. Choose your FQ that matches your image or graphic.
I have decided to put the bear on the bottom because the color is very dark and appears “heavy” and put a ball/circle shape on the top block. (I used an embroidery hoop to get the right size.) Remember you want the applique to be a good size but you still want to be able to see the patterns in the blocks (after all that work!) I think 1-2 inches margin around is good.
Follow fusible directions for the appliqued image.


I used a short zig zag to go around my applique.
When quilting, because of the applique I could not “stipple” over the applique images
so I just accent quilted them by hand and used 6 strand of floss (I like that thickness over the buttons) and tied them on the back. I did this once all the quilting was done.
You can see the stippling below.
Ready for the binding!


I usually get backing fabric to match the front, I prefer something from that same collection but I have so much Christmas fabric that I used something I already had for the back and binding.



This project also serves the Christmas Once a Month “along” also courtesy of Julie from The Crafty Quilter. Join us!
 Christmas Once a Month at The Crafty Quilter
Julie’s got all the giveaways for the end of the week, keep up with the hop!


Patriotic Patchwork Purse

June 28th 2013
Vacation Bible School just came to a close. The theme was Stand Strong: with God’s Love, Prayer, Friends and Family, Trusting God and the Bible. The K students I had (13)  really got the message, you should hear them shout  “STAND STRONG!!” I also had an assistant who was a great help.
(Hi Brianna!) So as a thank you gift, I made her this.
 (I love excuses to make something! )
Isn’t it so pretty? AND IT’S INSIDE OUT!! LOL. I covered the inner seams with binding.
I whipped it up for her one afternoon. It was perfect for the left over squares I had from this project.
I found these blue magnetic clasps (2 for 50 cents) on clearance at Joann’s , how perfect!
I used the leftover 2 1/2 inch squares and left over jelly roll strips for the top band, binding, and straps; much of which is from Stars and Stripes collection (shown below)
 from Riley Blake. I used the leftover backing from the same project I mentioned, for the lining.
  (Not from Riley Blake)
It’s a cross body style bag about 8″ x 10″ with an extra long strap.
Although I knew I would start with squares, I made the rest up as I went along!
As far as I’m concerned, I think the bag queen is from the blog Amy Made That! but a girl has to have something to strive for, right?
I think I want one!