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Trick or Treat Banners

May 7th 2015

Funny story: I was reminded about this post, seeing all the hoopla on Instagram about a Halloween Swap, and I couldn’t find it. As it turns out, I never hit publish! So here it is.  #TBT

Originally, one of my first “start to finish” quilts was a Halloween banner for my friend Amy – Hi! I hadn’t learned how to bind yet and Summercrafter hadn’t been born. The fabric collection I used for hers was Spooktacular by Sanae for Moda. I used a whole charm pack (42 pieces) and some FQs for cat and Frank and backing of course.

Halloween quilt, Halloween decor

Halloween banner 2010

Here I am, sewing on vacation in 2010, making it for her while practicing everything I had learned about quilting up until that point.

summercrafter in action

Elaine the Summercrafter: quilting on vacation

Last year, I was tickled when Miriam called me and asked me to make her one “just like that” referring to the one I had made for Amy. Here is the newer version I made with much more confidence and quilting experience. For this one, I used 2 Charm packs (each had 21 pieces) of Halloween Parade by Doodle Bug Design Inc for Riley Blake Designs (It seems I like everything they put out!)

Halloween decor, Halloween quilt

Halloween banner 2014

Here are close ups of the appliques. First the kitty. I blanket stitched around each figure. Whiskers are free motioned as well as background which is stippled. (Did you see the spider on his nose?)


I made template letters with the Cricut and used fusible to trace the letters BACKWARDS, and did a tiny blanket stitch around each letter. Did the smallest blanket stitch around these too. Everything was done with the sewing machine except the buttons.


Frank is always fun. I used Rick Rack for the top of his hair and a machine embroidery stitch for his scar, that’s my favorite part.


With the leftover squares, I made her this little mat for her candy dish.


It was so much fun to make it for her for ten minutes a day. She got it just in time for October!

There’s a Craft for That!

October 17th 2013

I was having MAJOR issues with picture size when uploading onto this new format, so I apologize for any image inconsistencies on this post.

Today I am re-posting a great craft I did way back when I started blogging.  I call it the “Jack-O-Hanger.”  It’s the first post in my new series which features recycled items.  (And you still have time to do it before Halloween! )

Got a wire hanger? There’s a craft for that!

Pumpkin Craft

Here is what you will need:

1)  An all wire hanger.

2) Scraps of orange fabric in various prints. Fat quarters (18″ by 22″) work well. You can find those in Joann’s. The little squares in front  of the fabric bolts. In case my Non-sewers were wondering. ; )

3) A piece of green Rick Rack and green scraps of fabric or felt to wrap the stem (hook)

4) Scraps of contrasting colors for face

5) Scraps of webbing or iron on material

6)  Hot Glue Gun

7) Scissors

Pumpkin Craft Shape your hanger into a pumpkin like form.

Cut the strips as narrow or wide as you like, between 1-3 inches or mix it up!  make sure they are long enough to outside the wire form you make about 1 inch on either side. You are going to arrange the strips in a basket “weave” type of way, so cut plenty! You can estimate by measuring the height and width of your wire shape.


GLUE GUN SAFETY. Always glue on the surface not on something you are holding! I use chop sticks or wooden ka-bob sticks to “press” objects together.

Pumpkin Craft

Glue the first end down on top of the wire but with a 1 inch piece overlapping.

Pumpkin Craft Pull taut and glue on the other side until the whole area is covered. Make sure each side has some extending over the hanger.

Pumpkin Craft

Pumpkin Craft Then you are going to weave the other strips across, over and under the strips that are glued to the hanger. Glue on one side so you can pull it taut to get to the other side.


Cut features out of contrasting fabric, use a little webbing on the back and iron onto the weaved fabric.

Pumpkin Craft Glue an end of green fabric or felt strip to bottom of hanger and wrap around, secure with glue as needed, then add Rick Rack for “vine” effect.  Trim around the pumpkin leave 1/4 – 1/2 inch edge.

SAM_1613 Hang your Jack-O-Hanger on your door or window!

Pumpkin Craft

This one is at my sister’s house, sorry I don’t have photo of it “in season.”