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A Sea Breeze is coming

June 4th 2014

Hi Readers, Bloggers, Crafters and Quilters,

I have been working on stuff behind the scenes! I will have a big reveal soon, but the tinkering and editing is not done yet.


I have managed to figure out how you can get the latest and greatest from Summercrafter  in case you can’t stop by the blog: a newsletter.  Don’t roll your eyes now….

OBX waves

Don’t worry, it won’t be like waves that keep coming and coming, knocking you over and making you swallow sea water, but more like a gentle Summer Sea Breeze, that refreshes just when you need it and makes you smile!

Sanibel Sundial

You’ll be the first to know about new patterns, tutorials and some fun crafty stuff that I am up to.

And because I am so glad that you have stopped by, I have a quick Summer pattern for you too, you can sign up for it right there on the right margin under the “hello” and as a bonus, you’ll be receiving the first newsletter this summer!

I hope you are planning your Summer Vacation, which of course includes crafting and quilting, it’s almost here!