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Skinny Pinny Swap!

February 24th 2014

Oh no! It’s in the mail!!! I was so excited to be a part of this Skinny Pinny Swap. Oh, what is a Skinny Pinny Swap you ask?  Well, thankfully it has nothing to do with a diet!  Amy from Amy Made That!  is hosting this pin cushion swap. She talked all about it over here,  They are supposed to be in the mail by Feb. 28. So I hurried up and mailed mine without taking a picture!


Here is the first draft I made just to practice. I hate pillow seams, I mean closing seams because it’s hard to make them invisible or unnoticeable. Then my squares started coming undone because I snipped the thread to close. See why I need a “practice” one? Not to mention that I got all fancy like trying to use leftover squares and scraps to give it more personality.

I did follow the pattern for the one I swapped (using similar fabrics) and I added a little bonus in the package for the recipient. (Hope you like it Catherine!)

Take a look at the adorable skinny pinny Amy has created, and look here to see the innovations this skinny pinny has.

These are just so cute, you’ll have to run out and make a few of your own with those pretty scraps you been wanting to “clean” up.

And just for fun, because you never have enough pin cushions, she made these Itty bitty witty log cabins.

Get the play by play of those here and see where the inspiration comes from!  Great job Amy. I can’t wait to get my Skinny Pinny!