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A Year in Review

January 12th 2016

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Happy New Year! I don’t know what happened to 2015, it came and left in a flash. I was really having a hard time recalling events and projects but as I looked back via Social Media ūüôā ¬†I did see some highlights.

For starters my WORD last year was

FINISH image

It was a complete struggle for me, maybe more in connotation because it gave me stress¬†and¬†I wasn’t enjoying the idea nor was I accomplishing what it was supposed to do. The purpose of the Word was to get me to follow through, actually reach goals and get things done. I am a process type of person so the pressure was kinda ruining it for me, ya know? So I decided to drop it around Summertime (see that, I didn’t even finish with my word!)

Keystone, CO Dercum mountain view

In January, we took a¬†nice trip to Colorado, which is always fun, although I didn’t find any quilt shops.

I started this heart wreath last Valentine’s and hope to put the last of the strands on it¬†this year. I love Valentine projects, I also have a Valentine pattern I am working on.

In March, I met all these amazing ladies that are also working on their quilting businesses.

Baby Dean Collage

I made this quilt and pillows for Baby Dean who was born in June, see post here.

Vintage pattern Simply Retro 1

and I finally finished this one for his Grandpa, our pastor.

totes 2015 Collage 1

It was a blast to learn new things while making these totes, bags and pouches, most of which were gifts.

pattern Collage

I finally launched my first 6 patterns this Summer and visited some shops on vacation (more here and here) and they are now being sold via distributors (Checkers, Brewer, Quilters Warehouse) and my online shopping cart and I have more coming out soon!

As a new follower of Instagram this year (find me @elaine.summercrafter), I met so many great quilty people and participated in various swaps. First was the Rainbow Mini swap, more here.

Beachbound swap 2015 Collage

Then the Beach Bound Swap, for which I made my first Dresden block, more here.

Home Sweet home swap 2015 Collage

Next was the Home Sweet  Home Swap, which was perfect for my swap partner who had just gotten married and had moved to a new place. Read more here.

Pat Sloan radio

Oh, and I was on Quilting Radio with Pat Sloan, woot!!

vermont 2015 Collage 2

In the Fall¬†we enjoyed Vermont, although we missed the Fantastic Foliage Splendor it’s famous for.

Christmas swap 2015 Collage

Soon after Summer, the Christmas swaps started popping up on Instagram (find me @elaine.summercrafter) and I couldn’t resist joining two:¬†Christmas Craft Swap 2015 and The Most Wonderful Time of the Year 2015 Mini Quilt Swap. The pillows are what I sent with personal embroidery and glass seed bead embellishments. The mini quilts are what I received, I was so happy with this exchange! These are so treasured, I will be glad to¬†pull them out to decorate every season. Thank you @foreverquilting and @mommyhead7.


And just when I thought I was done, @vojen invents the B&C (Bonnie and Camille) Christmas Ornament Swap. That was a complete bust for me. I got on an ornament making marathon and I could not stop! I made Scrappy Christmas tree sachets filled with Balsam Fir, tutorial here, and I sent some, not only to my Swap partners, but other quilty friends I met on IG. Fun!


Everyone got Peanutized this year. Have you tried it? Go here.

hearties 2015 Collage

On a total whim, I made these craft “Heartie” ornaments after¬†another fan posted her version on the¬†Facebook Fan page of our favorite show¬†When Calls the Heart¬†on Hallmark Channel.¬†We both kinda got carried away making renditions of all the characters.¬†Find a¬†tutorial here.

Christmas truck Collage 1

My last and most favorite project was this Vintage Holiday Embroidery Pillow¬†I made for a friend. I used the pattern from Sherri Falls at This n That patterns and for the Patchwork, I used¬†Holly’s Tree Farm Fabric by Sweetwater for MODA. I love how it turned out, now I have to make one for me!

december listing

I also did plenty of listing this year with 30 days of lists  and loved it! (Another opportunity coming in March)

  Christmas tree 2015

And just like that it was time to say “Merry Christmas” which was here today and gone tomorrow.

Miami beach 1

I wasn’t going to do a WORD of the year in 2016. I did a MORE and LESS list. The first thing I noted was More Nature and I am so glad I did just that on January 1st, I went to Miami Beach (which is a rarity). What’s the first on my LESS list? Social Media!


I did stumble onto this word PROGRESS which perfectly complements my MORE/LESS concept that allows success without stress or pressure, just moving forward and¬†developing over time which relates to all aspects of life and work (including¬†blogging). So I think we can both see it was a busy year (although I didn’t blog as much as I should have) I have set great goals for this year and have started working towards them already!¬†What are your goals and plans, or your WORD for this new year?

Quilt Market 2014: The Experience Part 2

November 17th 2014

I hope you don’t think¬†I am stretching the Quilt Market posts too long, it did end¬†3 weeks ago, but¬†since it was my first time…. I want to indulge a little longer. If you missed the first post featuring the wonderful designers I met (or just took a picture with) click¬†here.¬† For this post, I am just going to share the awesome booths and things I saw as we traveled up and down the aisles at Quilt Market Houston, 2014.

Fig tree & co booth

This booth belongs to Fig Tree & Co by Joanna Figueroa for Moda. Her colors are so bright. I am so glad I was able to get a bundle of her new line Aloha Girl read her MODA LOVE Blog Tour post here, I think we can see where her inspiration comes from.

booth vincent van gogh by robert kaufman

This booth by Robert Kaufman features panels and blender fabrics inspired by the works and palette of Vincent Van Gogh, complete with easel, brushes and canvas.


Well, after walking that entire huge Quilt Market floor several times, I paused just a moment wondering if someone would scold me for sitting in these cozy chairs, but my husband stopped me before I could wonder any longer. This is the cozy and home-y booth by American Made Brand¬†launched in 2013. Their motto is “All-American fabric. Not just made here. Grown here.” If you want to buy some or see what’s available you can check at Fat Quarter Shop¬†for some bundles and solids.


I cannot begin to tell you anything about this booth except I think that’s Anna’s dress from Frozen. Sorry! But if you know, please leave a comment.


I believe this is the Janome, Hello Kitty Sewing Machine for little sewers and that lovely cart (without the fabric) is from IKEA. I want a sewing corner like that!


I went by this booth¬†several times enjoying it’s bright and cheery appeal and that toadstool in the corner. Really cute stuff from Kids Quilts New Zealand.

little bits cindi edgerton

But nothing stopped me in my tracks faster than Christmas quilts. This booth by Cindi Edgerton was full of small and mini quilts that were very detailed yet totally doable, or so I thought. The secret is paper piecing! I bought two patterns (tree and snowman found here) from her Little Bits collection, hoping I’ll be brave enough to try it. Each pattern comes with “paper” to make the pattern twice.


Yep, it was the Gingerbread House that drew me in. The designer is Marcia Leyton  from Tampa, Florida which is close enough to me I say. Click here to learn more about her work. Her quilts are embellished with Yo-yos and are fun and festive.


I was really looking forward to get my hands on this collection “Bandana” by Me and My Sister Designs but the box was left somewhere and didn’t make it to the fabric spree in time. Darn it! I really like that color palette, kinda reminds me of sorbet, the kind you get to clean your palette in those fancy restaurants.


Frozen was everywhere. Look at this lovely display by Michael Miller¬†Fabrics. Isn’t that just dreamy with those drapes of fabric. Heart!


This booth is by Passionately Sewn¬†all the way from Australia! I love those Kimono girls, aren’t they darling?


Then there is MODA. (Big Sigh) Everything on their block was super sized and beautiful and very busy! Check out those Yo-yos and at the top of the display, giant jelly rolls and spools of thread, I just wanted to play there all day! Look at the chair covers, their fabric spree bag was similar (got one!) and on every wall a gorgeous quilt to look at. They also had a cross stitch motif on the sign in the center of the yo-yos.

I really enjoyed all the fabric eye candy, I’m hoping that next year Summercrafter has a booth, I have it all figured out!

Quilt Market 2014: The experience Part 1

November 8th 2014

“I loved it! I laughed. I cried, it was better than Cats. I”m going to see it again and again!”


In actuality, ¬†I did NOT¬†see Cats [The Musical] but all the rest of that is true! The first day was overwhelming! I didn’t know where to go, who to see, what to do.

selfies 2

Then I had to kick myself and say “you are here so you better take advantage and do something!” And I did. ¬†I started talking to some great designers who are the sweetest people. It’s true what they say about quilters, they ARE the nicest people!! In this post, I want to share who I met at Quilt Market.

The first person I met was Jo from The Fat Quarter Gypsy, see her designs here, she’s doing well revving up her pattern business.¬†She’s was holding my hand the whole way, before Quilt Market, answering my questions and sharing with me about this whole experience as if we were BFFs. I came to know her because she also worked with Morna McEver Golletz from Professional Quilter Magazine¬†and I started emailing her and she didn’t think I was a lunatic. Lucky me!

jo 2
Then I met Pat Sloan. Gush! That’s it. I was dumbfounded and said nothing else. Silly me!


She was kind enough to give me a mini of her “The Sweet Life” line. Later I also bought¬†a mini of¬†“One for you, one for me”¬† Theses fabric lines are so cheery and bold (heart). ¬†She is wonderful! Did you know she has always answered all of my emails?

mini sweet life

I also met this sweet gal. Her booth was so soothing. Her new fabric line is Cascade from Windham Fabrics. Her name is Jessica Levitt and I could have talked to her the whole time. Just like the girl next door!  
Jessica levitt
I also met Bonnie and Camille whose fabric and love of quilting have been so inspiring and contagious. Again, I was at a loss for words. I did buy the pattern for this adorable bag and they were so generous giving me 2 minis of Daysail. I was also jumping for joy the night before when I nabbed a bundle of it at the Fabric Spree, woohoo!! (Disappointed with this blurry picture)


Here is the Smooth Sailing quilt designed by Cotton Way¬†(Bonnie Olaveson) Teaching my husband the ways of “Quilt Love” and he’s coming around!

Selfie and daysail
Of course, I just HAD to go by and congratulate Maureen Cracknell. She just released a limited edition fabric¬†collection for Art Gallery Fabrics (which is¬†right near me in¬†Florida, thank you very much!) It’s called Wild and Free and it will be coming out in just a few weeks! Pre-order some here or here¬†and search “Wild and Free.”¬†Check out her market booth in detail here.¬†She won the “Best New Exhibitor” Award” Yay Maureen!! ¬†She was so genuine and lovely to talk to. I even hugged her because it felt like I already knew her, LOL.


Her booth was so warm and welcoming you wanted to sit down for a spell.


Also for Art Gallery Fabrics, is April Rhodes her new line is Wanderer. Coolest girl ever! (Yes, girl, I swear I could be her mother!)

April rhodes 1

Her booth was right off a wall and it was like camping but classier, you know, Glamping.  April rhodes 2
I also met a new designer wasn’t familiar with,¬†her name is Cherry Guidry from Cherry Blossoms Quilting Studio. Her patterns are SUPERB, unlike any you have ever seen, check them out here. She started selling patterns and now she has designed this gorgeous and fun fabric line for Benartex¬†it’s called Frosty Forest¬†and it’s adorable!!! She talked with me for a while telling me about her “journey” in the business, I enjoyed listening to her, hoping I’ll have a similar story to tell soon. (Our husbands talked to each other too)


Down the aisle of darker booths, hers just jumped out with brightness and joy and Christmas, of course, I HAD to stop and say hi!

Cherry Guidry's booth

This is her best selling pattern called A Feathered Christmas.


It was so great meeting all these talented¬†designers and “normal” people. They made the experience so worthwhile and I learned a little from each one of them. Next time on the blog, I’ll have more photos ¬†of what else I saw at Quilt Market 2014.