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Simply Retro Quilt Along

June 25th 2013
Look what my sister got me for my birthday last month! Thanks sis! XO
I am telling you, for gifts, hints are great but a direct link is the way to go! ; )
You can get Camille Roskelley’s latest book at her shop or take a sneak peek over here. But you really won’t need to. I can tell you that every thing in this book is fabulous and easy and total eye candy. Really!
With patterns running anywhere from $1.99 on Craftsy to $9.00, I figure if I like three patterns in a book, I’ve already got my money’s worth. Well, I can honestly tell you that this book was a steal! While I won’t be able to make every quilt the actual size, and I am tempted,  I am going to make something using every pattern. They are that good! Did I mention they were easy?I usually do things my own way, but following patterns is a great way to learn new techniques and the tricks of the trade that are so helpful when creating your own designs. They are invaluable learning opportunities!!

So I want to show you what’s up first. The pattern is called Swell (Not to be confused with her sewing machine cover pattern similarly called Just Swell, LOL, my version below)
This pattern is made of squares and rectangles and I really didn’t think much of it, but I became absolutely charmed with it!

It came together super fast and I was practicing my pressing of seams, this way and that way, to nest them, why even the back looks great! I don’t mind showing you!


I am becoming comfortable now, blending fabrics and not having it be exactly like the pattern or book, and find it to be quite liberating.  I decided to go with a red, white and blue color theme.
Why? I have scraps, I love that color combination and it’s perfect for theFourth of July!I didn’t take lots of pictures during the process because I was, well, enjoying the process. So I only have a few shots.

In addition, since my quilting skills have improved, my confidence level is up and frustration is down, YAY! This increases production and quality so I am not afraid to choose and cut my prettier fabrics anymore, the end product is so much more rewarding. I wonder if I am still a novice quilter?

The only delay I am experiencing is how to quilt it. I did not want to do anything linear yet I didn’t want a stipple either. I am leaning towards the Baptist Fan, but without the ruler!

Oh, and I am joining the Retro Book Quilt Along over here at Janaina’s blog. Follow along with the book and link to show your project posts.

Simple Retro Quilt Along
 Hop on over this week and see how many people have added projects!