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Have You Made A Pop-Up?

October 20th 2015

This is a Pop-up.  A fun little contraption that won’t stay down (unless you use your ties or elastic) It is so versatile it has tons of uses. Garbage caddy (with a bag) in the car, in a room, a catch all for toys, sewing notions, fat quarters, hair clips, candy, socks…you make it whatever you want! I can see how making these can easily become an addiction. My friend Jo from The Fat Quarter Gypsy invented these and they are “hot” right now. Check out the video on her facebook page.

jo's pop ups

If you want one for you, you can visit Whoopsa Daisy Farm online shop. There is the pattern with three different size pop-ups and the cost of the metal form spring sold as a refill.

If you want some for your shop Checkers has them!

You can also get really creative. See how well my patterns can turn into a pop-up?

Ducky Pop Up Fishy 1

peppermint 1

Instruction sheets to adapt my patterns to come out soon. She is debuting those at Market.

So go on, make yourself a Pop-up!