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A Pretty and Practical Bag for Travel

April 28th 2016

I love my Vintage Picnic Traveling Tote. You may have seen me over-gramming about it on Instagram a few weeks back. It was so fun to make!

Traveling Tote 2

It’s no secret that I hoard collect fabric. It’s no secret that I have a vault for my most favorite lines. (pictured below) It’s no secret that sometimes I forget what I already have. And it’s definitely no secret that if I don’t buy “that fabric” right now it will be gone FOREVER!! At least that’s what the fabric addiction neurons in my brain keep saying. But I digress.

The Vault

My traveling bag, my “go-to-bag-with-all-the-right-pockets-holds-everything-I-need-for-traveling” bag had broken and I had to make a new one ASAP.  And there was no question, once this fabric arrived, that it was the right one for this project. It was also the first fabric bundle I busted open so soon after it’s acquisition. Really.

It’s Vintage Picnic by Bonnie and Camille. I loved the classic red and blues in this line, the gingham and dainty flowers, whose scale is not so dainty, made a perfect match.

I chose the darker bolder colors for the outside, since it will hide any wear and tear and smudges.

traveling tote choices

I had made these scrappy stars and wanted to incorporate them into the bag. The first design showcased four across the top of the bag.

traveling tote design 2

 But after sleeping on it and playing with the fabrics some more, I changed the design and fabrics several more times.

Traveling Tote inside

The inside would be in the lighter color ways of the line with a bit of Hello Darling thrown in. That divided pocket was a must, I kept the broken bag and use the size and inside as a sample. I know, no one can see the inside of these aqua dotted divided pockets, but I know it’s pretty in there!

pocket options

Besides the beautiful colors, I was determined to make it with zippered outside pockets with the prettiest linings. These pockets turned out to be perfect for boarding passes, lipstick, my phone or dollars for tipping if necessary.

traveling tote outer

Above is the outer part of the bag. I sewed and quilted it all in this chartreuse green #1231 thread by Aurifil. There is a crazy method to quilting a bag with divided inner pockets and zippered outside pockets.

Traveling Tote quilting

I am still perfecting the zipper tab but it works!

traveling tote zipper2

I know there are so many bag patterns out there, but this one is so pretty and practical, I’ll be making a pattern for it, and revealing my crazy methods, for the handful that want to make it. Sign up for my newsletter for the heads up on the pattern.

If you want to save your fabric for this pattern, you’ll need:

1/2 Yard main blue

1 FQ side panels

4-6 FQs for outer pockets, pocket linings and inner pockets

1 yard inner lining

1 FE for sashing (gingham)

Scraps to make four star blocks (4″ finished)

(1) 18-20 inch zipper, (I prefer larger so I can trim)

(2) 9 inch zippers

1 square yard of

Accents or details you may want to add.

traveling tote details & accents

The finished size of the Traveling Tote is 14 inches high, 16 inches wide at the top, 11 inches wide at the bottom and  6 inches deep. I still love my bag!

Traveling Tote 1

And here it is in action! It really is great for travel! I hope you wanna make one!

traveling tote summercrafter

Something for me!

July 2nd 2014

I never really plan on making bags except for that one time I made these

apple totes

Or maybe this one for my daughter (which she doesn’t put to much use!)

kitty tote with dolls

What usually happens is I start putting much loved scraps together, in one way or another and before you know it, a bag is born.


Okay so these were scrappily planned too.

treasure box

But this one is a totally spontaneous one! I just can’t stop looking at it. I made it to take on my vacation.


My methods are really easy, I mean I make them the same every time it’s just the size or fabric that changes.  One of my favorite and super NEAT-O features is the french seam. I first read about it in this magazine (in the instructions for that bag there) and have been doing them that way ever since. They are really super easy and the finish is very professional!

french seam quilts and more 2012 arrow

Written instructions can be found here or you can watch the process on you tube. It is not a tutorial for a quilted bag however, the method is the same.  The measurements I used were sewing initial 1/4 inch seam on the right sides of fabric and trimming to 1/8 inch. Then I turned the bag inside out and sewed another 1/4 inch seam and it works like a charm! See mine?


I am just going to bombard you now with bag photos, you’ve been warned!


The shells gives you some perspective.


I used scraps from Bonnie and Camille fabric lines: Vintage Modern, Happy Go Lucky and Scrumptious.  It’s no secret that their fabric takes up a great deal of my fabric shelving (Heart) and I just love being able to make more pretty stuff from scraps and leftovers!


Magnetic snaps? Grab ’em while they’re on sale, who cares what color they are!


It’s the perfect size for carrying books, drawing pads or embroidery.


The perfect vacation tote!

(I think I’ll make some extra ones, you never know when you have to give a gift of some kind or some other unexpected excuse to just “give.”

30/30 Challenge project #1

March 9th 2014

 As promised I am right on target, someone pinch me!!  I finished my first project for this challenge hosted by Berry Barn Designs.

30-30 challenge

The purpose is to dedicate 30 minutes to sew for yourself everyday for thirty days. There are even prizes if you link up your project over here. My goals for this challenge are listed on this post.

So here it is, a little tote for my embroidery supplies.

This was super easy using patchwork scraps. Here is the lining


and this is the outside


It sat a couple of days when I realized I didn’t have of these.


But what a treat, all this for $6.00 at Zipit on Etsy! A perfect match!


I used scraps from Bonnie and Camille fabric collections


Vintage Modern


and Scrumptious, her newest line.


I can’t stop looking at it!


What did you make for yourself 30 minutes a day?  Don’t forget to link up!

Patriotic Patchwork Purse

June 28th 2013
Vacation Bible School just came to a close. The theme was Stand Strong: with God’s Love, Prayer, Friends and Family, Trusting God and the Bible. The K students I had (13)  really got the message, you should hear them shout  “STAND STRONG!!” I also had an assistant who was a great help.
(Hi Brianna!) So as a thank you gift, I made her this.
 (I love excuses to make something! )
Isn’t it so pretty? AND IT’S INSIDE OUT!! LOL. I covered the inner seams with binding.
I whipped it up for her one afternoon. It was perfect for the left over squares I had from this project.
I found these blue magnetic clasps (2 for 50 cents) on clearance at Joann’s , how perfect!
I used the leftover 2 1/2 inch squares and left over jelly roll strips for the top band, binding, and straps; much of which is from Stars and Stripes collection (shown below)
 from Riley Blake. I used the leftover backing from the same project I mentioned, for the lining.
  (Not from Riley Blake)
It’s a cross body style bag about 8″ x 10″ with an extra long strap.
Although I knew I would start with squares, I made the rest up as I went along!
As far as I’m concerned, I think the bag queen is from the blog Amy Made That! but a girl has to have something to strive for, right?
I think I want one!