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Showcase your vacation memories

September 12th 2014
Since Summer has ended and we are ready to usher in the Fall, maybe you’d like to highlight your summer pics in a shadow box and remember those glorious days of Summer?
Here is a post from the past in which I did just that. I highlighted that Summer’s vacation (2011) in a shadow box. You can see the materials I used here in the “part 1” post. I still have it hanging in our recreation room. Great trip!
“First of all, let me just say that even after seeing and handling the box almost everyday, moving it here and there around my Craft Corner area, I overestimated how much I could actually put inside it.
Secondly, in case you did not know, Sanibel is the Sea Shelling Capital of the world, not Cape Hatteras, so there goes the “shelled” paper idea (part 1). Since the box has a really nice “linen” type base through which you insert pins to hold the photos, ephemera etc.., I left the background as is. It serves as a nice contrast with the grey frame and other “cool colored” pics I added. As art would have it, omission is sometimes necessary. Some of the pictures never made it on there, partly because I didn’t want to cut them, I rather overlap.
The Big Picture

The inaugural item for the shadow box was a doodle I worked on while I planned the vacation. Then I fiddles with the layout of the photos and figured out how to integrate a map of the area. I thought this was important  because we did quite a bit of traveling up and down the Outer Banks; then a Hurricane (Albert) hit later that summer, and  sliced through that, now familiar, strip of road.
After much trial and rearranging, I finally had the layout how I wanted it, but I had to cut out the map. Apparently, I subconsciously arramged the pictures in order from North to South to show a glimpse of each area we visited. When I super imposed the map over the photos, it fell right into place, I was pleased. Being a stickler for details, I like for the documentation of a trip, such as this, to be as authentic and accurate as possible, it’s the librarian in me. : )

A doodle, of the forthcoming vacation rendered that Spring at a faculty meeting.

Wild horses on the beach in Corolla (pronounced Curulla, not like the car): DO NOT DISTURB or you’ll be fined!

Cape Hatteras light house, view of Pamlico Sound from the house balcony.
Here is the map that runs through it, pretty much aligns with the location of the photos except the horses, I had to hand write that town as it was on the very northern tip of the island.

These are the infamous wooden fences, their purpose is to trap the constantly shifting sand to preserve the dunes and prevent beach erosion.

One of the mamy boardwalks along the highway for beach goers, and kite boarders. Swim at your own risk: no life guards, lots of wind and wild surf. Brrrr, that water is cold!

An amazing ocean view from an empty lot on Ocracoke Island, which we explored by golf cart. This island was home to BlackBeard the Pirate.
Once that was finished, I added some color with “beachy” embellishments and a thought reading from top to bottom, can you read it? It says “we are blessed,” and we are. My favorite part is the mounted illustration at the bottom by Mary Engelbreit, and the quote “Sounds of the wind, and sounds of the sea, make me happy just to be.” By June Polus. That really should be my motto, mantra and motivation in life!”


Quilting Giggles

August 23rd 2014

It all started on vacation, jog your memory here, I bought this beautiful fabric at Country Quilts and Bears over near Clearwater, Florida.


I have been visiting them for the last several years when we go on vacation and there’s always something I want NEED to get.  What you can’t see is that along with this bundle is a charm square pack for which I bought matching yardage and coordinating binding fabric.


I have always enjoyed buying fabric, even as an amateur, but since I came to appreciate quality quilting cotton my addiction collection has included fabric from Me and My Sister Designs.  No one would have known it, including me, except as I was organizing my stash (now that I pay attention to names) I noticed I have some of their Twirl line.


It was one of the first charm packs I bought. I especially enjoy the fresh and bright color palette their collections have, they remind me of watercolors.  And while I usually enjoy just ogling the fabric on my shelves, when I find (or create) the right pattern or project to incorporate it, I really don’t mind cutting it at all.  And that’s what happened with Giggles.

bundle of fabric solids

After I got back from the shop, I started sketching and trying to figure out a pattern but a charm pack would not be enough of course, so my husband was such trooper, he took me back a couple of days later so I could get coordinating solids. (They have a great variety of Kona solids)  When we got there, it was 30 minutes before closing and I wanted fat quarters from several bolts of different solids. Yeah, they wanted to kill me since it was a Friday afternoon and minutes before closing, and Susan told me just as much. ; )  As we joked, I told her to just cut “skinny quarters,” so she started cutting two fabrics at a time and we made it out with ten minutes to spare! Phew!

Needless to say, the pattern I sketched back then was not in my Zone of Genius (read The Big Leap) but I did manage to create a pattern in which those lovely watercolors will be the perfect complement.

Quilt Math

I have been playing working diligently to get it finished and I hope you will like it when it’s done. As it turns out, I had to buy an additional 3 mini charm packs to complete the design. (No need to cut so many squares on my own!)


So this post is really just a teaser for pattern #5 and I am sure you are wondering what happened to numbers 2-4? Well they are in testing phases so no reveals yet.


In the meantime, I have some HSTs to trim.

I’m baaaaaack!

July 5th 2014

After this vacation, I may have to add an umbrella…. SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

Wow! I have to say that it’s been a while since I have just relaxed and enjoyed this beach vacation, it was much needed this year. Funny enough, the vacation was preceded by this comment from my son “But you’re the Summercrafter!” when he heard me say I was leaving Audrey (my sewing machine) behind. Of course, on the eve of the vacation, I tossed and turned with the idea and the next morning quickly threw everything together: sewing machine, fabric, notions, tools, and brought her along after all.


When we got there, my family was memsmerized by the TV of all things! Meanwhile, my feet couldn’t walk down the path fast enough


until the sea said “hello!”


The waves welcomed and conversed with me, one after another, for whole time we were there.

The other phrase that sort of defined the trip were my own words “Vacation is for doing what you don’t normally do.”

nantucket brides 1

This sentiment opened the door for me to read (found the perfect book set in Nantucket!), sketch patterns, watch movies and embroider.


“B is for Beach.”  Yes. I DO craft on the beach, I didn’t make that up you know…


Unfortunately however, I was not able to use Audrey much this trip, there was no way for me to press seams. (And my shoulder thanked me for the break)  So what do you do if you can’t sew? Go buy more fabric of course!!


The local shop is called Country Quilts and Bears if you happen to be near Clearwater stop by. I always find something in there I HAVE to have and they are always so helpful!

Everyone did their own thing. Either reading, watching cable channels we don’t have or frolicking in the pool with new friends. I just wanted to sit out and enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of the beach, which I don’t do enough of.


And my honey joined me for a little while everyday.


We walked on the beach every evening although the sunsets were clouded.


Even with sunscrreen, hats and umbrellas, the effects of the sun were inescapable.


And of course I took my handy, dandy vacation tote!


Here is a sneak peak at My beach

(Hope the video works!) Enjoy!